Online Marketing

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Are You Maximizing Your Online Presence?

  • Website & Mobile Apps Developing
  • SEO search engine optimizing
  • SMO social media optimizing
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media Advertising

Website & Mobile Application

Your company’s website is the foundation of all your online activities.
We will work hand-in-hand with you to develop a responsive website that genuinely represents your business, providing a superior web experience across all major platforms (desktop, tablet, mobile).


SEO ( search engine optimization )
will drive online users who search about similar business, services & brands to your website

SMO ( social media optimization )
will drive that traffic to your social media pages like facebook, linkedin, instagram, …

How it works:
– By creating the right tdk ( title – description – keywords )
– Link it to your website along with robots.txt and site map
– Link your website all search engines: google – bing – yahoo …
– Drive traffic with our daily automatic SEO software to your website
– Drive traffic with our daily automatic SMO software to your social media pages

After a period of 1 month your page start to improve and your rank will be higher.
To see your page within 3 days on the top of the search engine, add Google Ads to SEO & SMO
You can track the performance any time via live back-office provided

Google Ads

show your business website or social media to potential clients on:
– Google search engine when they search about your products & services.
– Website with high traffic in your country
GFC create your Google Ads upload it and manage the rate of the ad to keep it up on 1st page.

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online ads, google ads, Social Media Ads, seo, gfc, gfcmedia